Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ktrion scored us a brand new Smith and Hawkin's compost bin on Craig's List. Now we have two, one for new compost ("feed me") and one for compost that is further along. We'll harvest out of the second bin, while we feed the first. I've never understood how people get to use their compost if they are continually feeding their pile. Anyway, I'm hopeful that our new system will provide us with a bounty of rich, dark, crumbly earth.

While Ktrion went to Castro Valley to pick up the Craig's list find, I built us a a make-shift shed out of a few pallets we had in the garage. The shed will provide shade for the two compost bins.

Bonus: the blue paint provides a nice back drop to my potted plants.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous blue. Here's to rich compost (I just turned mine - I feed and feed and feed, then turn and leave and start a new one on the old pile. Left to right to left to right. . .).

    And about the fair, Ktrion? Do it -- free entry tix for your time and just fun to see your stuff. Bread, jam, produce, it's all good. I'm not done with that sweater, though!